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Academics at Windsor High School


Project-based learning (PBL) is integrated in the core structure and is fundamental to the delivery of instruction. This model supports student centered, student led inquiry and the authentic application of content. Windsor High School operates on a “block schedule”.  Students attend classes on an A-­Day/B-Day rotating schedule Monday through Friday. Block classes are 95 minutes in length.

Ninth and tenth grade students participate in the Core Program which includes English, Science, and History delivered in a PBL thematic format. Please visit the9/10 core page to get in-depth information on all core offerings.

Juniors and seniors choose a Focus Area in order to concentrate on a more specific area of interest.  Focus Areas emphasize academic rigor, college majors, career research job shadowing and application of course content. Please visit the 11/12 Focus Area page to get in-depth information on all offerings.

Many Cores offer honors options, in addition to the honors-level courses listed below.


Career Technical Education (CTE) 

WHS’ Core structure and introductory programs offered students opportunities for enhanced career exploration, internships and mentorships, certifications, early college credit and dual enrollment  through Career Technical Education pathways.


WHS also offers a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses:

Honors Courses 

Econ/Gov / Global Studies

• US History / World History 

• English 9/10 & 11/12 

• Contemporary Athletic Issues


Advanced Placement Courses 

English Lang & Comp

• English Literature 

• Spanish Language 

• Spanish Literature & Culture 

• Art

• US Government & Politics

• US History

• Biology  / Chemistry

• Physics 1 &  2 

• Psychology

• Calculus A/B / Statistics

• Economics / Macroeconomics 


The AVID program

Windsor High School also offer the AVID program to help student meeting certain criteria achieve academic excellence and college admission. To learn more about this unique program go to their page.

Graduation and Senior Projects

Current Graduation Requirements:

Windsor High school graduates must earn a minimum of 220 credits, five for each semester class passed with a “D” or better.

• English (8 semesters) 

• Science (4 semesters)

• History (6 semesters)

• Art or Spanish (2 semesters)

• Mathematics (6 semesters) 

• Health (1 semester)

• Physical Education (4 semesters)  

• Elective Credits (15 semesters)

Total Credits:  220 


Additional Graduation Requirement: Senior Project Completion

The Senior Project is a culminating demonstration of a wide variety of essential skills.  Windsor High School seniors research a self-selected topic and work closely with a community mentor and their Core Advisor. They complete 30 project hours outside their regular class requirements, submit documentation of their research and present their project to a panel of WHS Staff, WHS 11th Graders and community members.