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Senior Projects

Senior Projects

~ Attention Class of 2024 ~

Senior Project Presentations are a graduation requirement for all seniors and summer is a great opportunity to get started with your Senior Project planning and a great time to complete your required project hours.

Students who wish to begin their Senior Projects in the summer before their senior year must request permission in writing in the form of a business letter or email to their Core teacher, prior to the END of their junior year.

Senior Project is an opportunity for seniors to research a personal passion, a career interest, a certification or a license they may be pursuing, or a community service project. Note: Some cores may require the project to fit their Core’s career themes. Check with your Core for requirements. Also, seniors must find their own project mentor as part of the project requirements.

The 30-hour project will result in a digital portfolio and/or a public presentation. Senior Project Presentations Night will be April 10, 2024.

Senior Project Presentation Packet 23-24

En Español - Proyecto de Último Año 23-24

Information on Child Labor Laws

WHS Senior Project Ideas

Attention: Community Members, Friends and Family

WHS is looking for community members to serve as panelists for our Senior Project Presentation Night on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. Senior Projects are a graduation requirement for all seniors. Please be advised that student presentations cannot be individually translated into Spanish. Thank you in advance for your interest and contribution in this special evening.

2023-2024 Senior Project Panelist Sign-Up Form



Please take a moment to watch this video testimonial on what completing a Senior Project meant to a recent graduate.