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11/12 Focus Areas

11/12 Focus Areas for Windsor High School


Juniors and seniors choose a Focus Area in order to concentrate on a more specific area of interest.  Focus Areas emphasize academic rigor, college majors, career research job shadowing and application of course content.



Advanced Placement


“Designed for students with their eyes firmly on a collegiate future seeking a well-rounded introduction to high level education.”




Have you ever wondered about the similarities between Romantic art and Romantic literature? What American history is the amazing stories of ourselves? What’s the difference between Existentialism and Transcendentalism? AP Core offers in depth answers to these questions—and many more. The AP core challenges students in a college-level atmosphere of deep critical thinking, reading, and writing in preparation for the May Advanced Placement exams—an opportunity for college credit. Students in AP find themselves immersed in American history, government and economics, American and European literature, and in stimulating assignments, both written and spoken.  Additionally, AP students explore a range of ideas—from current events to time-honored philosophical questions—in a variety of contexts:  debates, colloquiums, demonstrations. The “AP-er” asks questions thoughtfully, listens patiently, and works diligently.  Extensive note-taking, annotating, essay writing, and public speaking are no strangers to the AP student, who finds both their academic and creative intelligences well served in a structured and rigorous classroom setting that is also a lot of fun.








“Applying the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) fields to investigate and question the interrelated facets of the modern world and the intersections of technology and culture.”







The Axis STEM Academy has a thematic structure that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math throughout all core classes.  In addition to STEM-themed English and US History/Govt./Economics classes, the core’s focus area class is Principles of Engineering and Design. This course exposes students to concepts from the major fields of engineering and topics that they will encounter in a college engineering course of study. This high achievement environment is designed to inspire a student’s ability to imagine a world shaped by his or her own innovation and design. Axis utilizes project-based learning, student exhibitions, mentorships, guest speakers, and community partnerships to provide opportunities for practical, real-world experience and leadership. Students will graduate from the Axis STEM Academy confident in their ability to take on any STEM area of study in higher education and seek a deeper understanding of the world.



BUILD Academy


“BUILDing the Future. Setting students on the path for both college and career readiness while exploring the many aspects of the construction industry sector through hands-on learning and internships."




The Windsor High School BUILD Academy is a program for students interested in the building and construction industry sector. This program offers graduates eager to be both college and work force ready. In addition to obtaining a mandatory OSHA certification and mastering skills with a variety of tools, there will also be opportunities to be trained in project management, estimating, and material acquisition. Students will have the opportunity to be dually enrolled with SRJC and have access to their Construction and Engineering Program. College Prep Course preparing for careers or post -secondary education in the building and construction trades industry sector. This core features hands-on, project-based learning, teamwork, time management and project management and fused with industry based standards.


Check out this article about BUILD from North Bay Biz.  






Vineyard Academy

“Creating pathways for students who dream of careers in hospitality, culinary, or our local wine industry.”







Students in the Vineyard Academy have a mixture of career and academic classes. Vineyard Academy shows students real world application for what they learn in school. After high school, graduates are prepared, marketable and directed in fields such as hospitality, tourism, viticulture, food service, business management, and entrepreneurship. Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to cook, cater and participate in various activities in the community.  They will also have the opportunity to visit different local businesses to participate in career exploration. While in the academy, students will learn skills such as  writing, listening, reading, researching, event planning and implementation, critical thinking, public speaking, presentation skills, personal finance, business operations, job readiness and more.



NUEVA School For the Arts


“Achieving academic success and planning for future careers through the arts.”




NUEVA’s program goals, structure, and Production and Managerial Arts focus are unique in Sonoma County and sees the arts as a shared language among cultures. NUEVA believes in the importance of creativity and the arts for the future of work in a difficult world where the ability to adapt to new challenges is more important than ever. NUEVA is designed to meet the needs of every student – for intellectual challenge, discovery, and support. The core curriculum explores society and culture through art, literature, music, film, theatre, design, and history – fostering the powers of critical analysis and insight. All NUEVA students are active participants in the production aspect of the program and are responsible for marketing, set design, costume design, construction, lighting, sound, music, dance, and acting.  Through the desegregation of expressive arts and the emphasis on transferable skills, the program gives students an opportunity to flourish creatively and approach learning in an innovative way. NUEVA students have a general interest in the arts and enjoy non-traditional and project-based learning environments.  There is no requirement to be an artist, musician or performer of any kind. However, NUEVA also collaborates with local directors to produce and promote two performances a year, one original and one scripted. These productions take place during the 2nd and 4th grading periods and students are able to engage in interdisciplinary work-based learning experiences under the direction of an industry professional. 






11/12 Hybrid


“For students seeking maximum flexibility to pursue varied pathways towards college admission as they explore interests and passions both on campus and off.”





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11/12 Hybrid is designed to offer maximum flexibility for students who would like to take a non-traditional path towards graduation. At a minimum, Hybrid offers 11/12 English and 11/12 US History or Econ/Gov (depending on the year) through the district’s adopted online learning platform (more online courses may be added with your counselors approval). Hybrid allows students to choose elective courses on either an A day or a B day, have flexibility in scheduling to be concurrently enrolled in Junior College courses, or participate in Work Study or Internships. Students participating in the Hybrid Core must demonstrate previous academic success (C- or better) in their 9th and 10th grade years as well as the capacity to work independently. In order to be eligible for 11/12 Hybrid, all 11/12th graders must have already earned graduation requirements for PE, Fine Arts and/or World Language and elective credits. 



Areté Media Academy


“Preparing students to meet the needs of the emerging digital workplace through curriculum, community, and creativity.”




Given both the opportunities and the challenges that media and technology present our society, the task as an academy is to bring technology into the humanities (and vice-versa) and to develop the student as a meaning-mediator, able to move beyond Facebook use into thoughtful decision making.  Daily work is guided by these principles and manifested in the areas of rigorous curriculum, strong community, and applied creativity. The Areté experience is grounded by an integrated curriculum of English, History, and Design & Aesthetic Principles, along with training in digital photography and video, animation and the use of specific software, alongside professional experience in our state of the art video and audio recording studio. Students who enter the academy have only one characteristic in common:  a curiosity about design, media, or technology.  This varies from a hobbyist-level interest to the potential professional. 








“Designed for those who want to be ‘helpers,’ in their careers, in college and beyond by inviting students to investigate careers in the rapidly changing venues of public health and emergency response.”







Pre-Med students take their regular core classes of English and Government/Economics (with health care issues integrated into the curriculum of each), plus Public Health and Wellness, a class where we focus on thematic topics via scholarly investigation, guest speakers, documentary videos, and discussions/seminars.  Fieldwork experiences are developed for students meeting eligibility requirements.  All students in Pre-Med earn certification in First Aid/CPR as well as complete other rigorous projects both on and off campus. Students best suited for this core are intrigued by service-related careers in public health and emergency response, and possess a level of commitment to their education which is evident through their effort and attitude both inside and outside the classroom.  As these careers require superior integrity, students will rise to meet challenges and expectations. Curriculum is integrated often, as themes are the focus, in literature (nonfiction, fiction, articles), media and technology, via experts who speak with us, and through classroom and field experiences.  Crossover between two or three of the classes is common, as in our study of substance abuse, medical ethics, the history of medicine, nutritional health, and advertising.