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7 a.m. Monday WE ARE OPEN

Posted Date: 2/05/24 (8:24 AM)

Good morning WUSD community:

Power has been restored to our campuses and we will be open as normal. Other than previously messaged cancelled routes, bus service will be as normal. We hope everyone was safe through the night, and we look forward to seeing you and our students!

As a reminder:

Bus Riders

Due to road closures the following stops will not be served (this primarily effects routes 1, 3, and 6).


- Old Redwood Hwy & Rio Ruso 

- Old Redwood Hwy and Dawn Way 

- Old Redwood Hwy & Godfrey Dr 

- All Eastside Rd stops 

- Windsor Rd from Mitchell Lane and beyond to Mark West Station Rd 

- 1640 Shiloh Rd 

- 1581 Sanders Rd 


School is open however, we understand that the journey to school may be a bit more challenging, so your sites will be understanding with regards to any tardies as a result of traffic and travel issues. If you chose to keep your student(s) at home, excused absences will be decided on an individual basis.



All staff are expected at work as per contract, but please do not put yourselves at risk. Stay in contact with your site regarding any difficulties you may encounter and, if possible, leave early and have a plan for alternative routes. 

Your Windsor Unified School District Team