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REMINDER to Native Families: Please fill out your 506 form even if you've done it previously! Due TOMORROW

Posted Date: 3/06/24 (11:24 AM)

LogoDescription automatically generated  Dear Windsor Native American Families,
It’s that time of year to submit the 506 forms to help support the Windsor Unified School District’s Native American Education Program, in partnership with funding from WUSD. Last year was our first successful grant application and we were able to secure $14000.00, which went directly to funding the following efforts:

  • Collaboration with Redbud Resource Group and WUSD educators to refine curricula and include a Native American perspective at Windsor Middle School. 
  • Collaboration on education for the Windsor High School- Ethnic Studies course, specifically the class unit that discusses Native Americans.
  • Work to improve the professional development of educators to understand Native American culture and perspective.
  • Monthly Native American Family Night.
  • The Native American Education Program kick off in October of 2023.
The deadline is a fast turn-around.  Please have your 506 forms back by Thursday March 7.  This is something that directly benefits Native American students and families, and we need your help. The grant allows a small window of 506 form submission and can be emailed back to   Last year we had some incomplete forms, so we were not able to utilize them. Please complete the form as accurate as possible. 

More information and the forms can be found here:

Warren Parrish
Parent Advisory Committee-Chairman
WUSD-Native American Education Program